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Amy Eve Jo has launched! Website is Now Live

I’m Amy Eve-Jo Wang and I’m so excited to offer you my first collection of handknit unisex accessories. February 2015 is the perfect time to reveal my mid-season wares because they include cowls and combination hat/cowls that are ready to combat cold weather, yet lightweight enough to support your wardrobe’s transition to spring.

Within the next few months, I’ll offer home accessories, more wearables for men and women, and goods for babies and children. My toddler niece, Jenevieve, is my muse, and I doubt the Amy Eve Jo brand would exist if she didn’t inspire me so deeply. Here’s a quick snapshot I took of her, getting acquainted with my mannequins, the other day. She’s wearing a lace hat that I’d knit for myself, so it’s chef-hat oversized on her:

Jenevieve wearing red hat

I know, this page is supposed to be about me, and I don’t even have a picture of myself. I’ll update this page with a proper headshot and bio, soon. For now, I’m just eager to go live with this site!

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