Machine washable cowls in new colors

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Happy March!

Thank you so much for supporting me in my first month of business. Launching my online shop is a dream come true for me and your support means so much to me.

Show me yours

I’d be SO happy if you’d post pictures of yourselves wearing your Amy Eve Jo wares on social media and to tag me. Just tag “Amy Wang” on Facebook or @amyevejo on Instagram.

Ice cream colored cowls and custom requests

If you have custom color requests for anything you see in the shop, email me, and I’m pretty sure I can source a close match to whatever you’re looking for. For instance, I received a request for a white Vim Cowl, and BOOM, the white Vim Cowl is now in the shop, along with three other new editions to the chunky and airy cowl family.

The four new options are nicknamed, in my head, as Cookies ‘n Cream, Vanilla, and Strawberry Cheesecake. You can find them listed in the shop with their more dignified real names, black with white, vanilla, pink, and white:

Picnic Cowl

Amy-Eve-Jo-Picnic-Cowl-VanillaAmy-Eve-Jo-Picnic-Cowl-Black-White main

This cowl is the same style as the “Vim Cowl,” pictured¬†below, except that it’s completely machine wash and dry-able.

So, why would anyone get the “Vim Cowl,” which isn’t machine wash and dry-able? Well, the Picnic Cowl has a higher percentage of acrylic, which is what makes it safe for the machine. However, it’s also a tad less soft and smooshy than the Vim. It’s still very soft, comfortable, and fluffier than most scarves I’ve seen from mass retailers, but it’s just not as soft as the Vim.

Vim Cowl

Amy-Eve-Jo-Vim-Cowl-Pink mainWhite Vim Cowl - Amy Eve Jo

The “Vim Cowl” was part of the launch collection. This week, I’ve added the pink and white versions.

This one is NOT machine washable, because it’ll turn into felt if you do. So, spot clean, hand wash, or dry clean this one. Sure, it’s a little more work to clean, but it’s worth it if you prefer a more smooshy soft feel.

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