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Playing Favorites in a Big Way

I’ve always been tickled by objects that are scaled up (huge) or scaled down (miniatures). When I was five, I loved fashion and dressing up. My big sister had Fashion Plates, which I thought was fun. But for me, I preferred the Little Van Goes Drawing Kit because it was smaller and therefore, cuter than the Fashion Plates.

As for going LARGE-SCALE, I adore my long reach lighter, which looks like a gigantic match. It cracks me up.

Amy holding her gigantic long reach "match" lighter

I’m holding my gigantic “match”

For more small and large-scale favorites, check out my “To Scale” Pinterest board.

So, imagine my delight when I found HUGE-scale super thick yarns in luxurious 100% merino wool…

Introducing the Cloud Collection

Well, more of a mini collection because I’m starting out with just two colors for now, to see if you’re as excited about these big knit scarves as I am.

Every item in the shop is made with enthusiasm and love, but I gotta say, these two are my FAVORITES. The super large-scale stitches add a bit of humor in a fine luxurious merino wool. Both scarves are incredibly cozy and warming and effortless to style.

Cumulus Scarf wrapped around the neck

Vanilla Cream Cumulus Scarf

They’re lofty and smooshy, like how you imagined puffy clouds would feel like, when you were a kid.

Close up of the Cumulus Scarf

Close up of the Cumulus Scarf

Like a rain cloud, the Nimbus Scarf is gray, heavier, and thicker than the Cumulus Scarf–almost twice as thick.

Nimbus Scarf wrapped around the neck

Granite Gray Nimbus Scarf

Order Early

In stock items will ship within two business days. I have one Nimbus (gray) and two Cumulus (white) scarves in stock. My yarn suppliers are small batch manufacturers, so they need a couple of weeks to get the yarn to me, so keep in mind that if the item is backordered, you’ll receive it in two to four weeks. It’s worth the wait! For example, if you need to receive these by Christmas Eve, I recommend you order by Monday, December 1. 

I’d love to know what you think of these scarves. And whether you love large and small-scale stuff as much as I do.

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