Reversible Diagonal Rib Cowl


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Reversible for a subtly unique look each time

This is the reversible cowl is predominantly pink or off-white, depending on which side you choose to wear.

This is repurposed from production remnants so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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Order by noon (PT), December 2 to get it between December 6, 2021 and December 12, 2021.

The difference between the two sides of this two-color ribbed cowl is subtle, which is perfect if you’re still loving the pink and cream stripey look but you might prefer to let the cream side pop out more and let the pink recede in the back or you might prefer to let the pink side pop out more and let the cream side recede.

Another unique detail is that overall shape slants at a diagonal. The styling is foolproof; just pull it over your head without worrying about tieing it too tightly or loosely.Wear the “peak” in front of your mouth to keep the front side of your neck the warmest. Maybe wear that peak to the side, for a one-popped-collar look. Or turn the whole thing upside; and who’s to say which side is up or which side is down?

  • 80% acrylic, 20% wool
  • Machine wash. Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F. Dry Clean, any solvent. No bleach product may be used. A machine dryer may be regularly used at the hottest available temperature setting. Item may not be smoothed or finished with an iron.
  • Hand knit in Los Angeles with imported yarn.

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