Spur & Goad: A New Creative Blog and Community

Spur & Goad is a collective of entrepreneurial makers and artists, founded by Bethany Ashmun and Inga Roberts. They launched less than two months ago and they already have SO MUCH rich and fascinating content about makers, places, and people. I especially love how they share the creative process of the people they profile.

I’m proud to say that I was the featured maker in one of their first blog posts. I completely forgot to share this news on my blog and email updates, because it was just before Thanksgiving and the rest of my holiday happenings. So I’m sharing it now! Inga Roberts is a dear friend and I know her as an amazing musician, but I didn’t realize that she is such a great photographer and writer. I’m so happy with our feature; she explained me better than I could explain myself.

Check them out frequently because they post a few new articles each week, and follow their updates on Instagram.

Amy on the beach for Spur & Goad

Photo by Inga Roberts for Spur & Goad

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