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Featured On Allure.Com + PREVIEW Your CUSTOM DESIGN

I’ve been great, despite accidentally cutting my own hair into a mullet on Saturday afternoon. If you follow me on Snapchat, then you already know about that misfortune. I must’ve been feeling omnipotent following¬†my AWESOME feature on, and believed I could actually razor cut some pretty yet edgy face-framing layers all by myself. I’m not feeling invulnerable anymore but I’m still very excited, happy,… Read More »Featured On Allure.Com + PREVIEW Your CUSTOM DESIGN

More Unique Than Expected

I love that the baskets are made of reclaimed materials Did you know that the Amy Eve Jo baskets are made of reclaimed fabric remnants from the garment industry? That’s the biggest reason I chose to work with this yarn, because I liked saving this versatile material from being tossed in the landfill. However that means that the yarn’s availability is unpredictable. I knew that… Read More »More Unique Than Expected