A Tale From ’96 And Some Loungewear Talk

Ah! I’m SO CLOSE to showing you what exactly will be ready for my next launch. My model, one of my bikini model goddesses, is coming over this weekend and it’s gonna be crazay! j/k Seriously though, we will be shooting this weekend and I’m so eager to update the shop with post-swimsuit looks. Hopefully, I’ll also be shooting some kids stuff, if my fiery little model and muse is in a good mood. If not, I’m gonna recruit your child to be my model. Not kidding.

So what will we be shooting? Some comfy loungewear made of recycled fibers and wool. Here’s a pair of “jean shorts” made of recycled denim. It’s not completely sewn up here. There will be different washes like dark denim, stonewash, and perhaps some non-blue colors.

There will also be matching tops, which is super important…

It was 1996 and some friends invited me to Pajama Night at Cafe 50s in West L.A, which only happens on the last Wednesday of every night. **This is NOT an advertisement for Cafe 50’s, but a cautionary tale.** The deal is, you show up in your pajamas and you get to eat for free. So, I wore my cutesy pastel colored fleece drawstring pajama pants that my mom made for me, and a sleep shirt. We were a large group so we waited a bit for our table, which was fine because this was fun and wacky! After we got seated, our server said that my pajamas weren’t approved because the pajamas had to be two-piece MATCHING top and bottom, which meant that I had to pay for my meal. The nerve! So, yes, there will be matching tops with these loungewear bottoms. You’re welcome.

New sweater

Next up, I’m not 100% sure that I’ll be offering this sweater in the shop, but I at least want to show you this toddler pullover that I made for my niece/muse. It’s completely made from recycled fibers. This still needs to be sewn together, but you can get the gist. If things go well, I may even make a matching one for myself. And maybe one for you? Would you be into it?


Til next time!


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